downdraft kiln - design mockup
final construction will include base with 3 courses of 8" concrete block.
click HERE for kiln design

I'll use this existing atmospheric burner up to, say, 1000F and then use the 2" forced air burner. I see no reason why this regulator shouldn't work.
A friend of mine fires a similar kiln to ^ 10 and uses 100# propane cylinders.

view of inside showing bag wall

view from side showing optional side burner ports

view from rear showing single burner port

view from top showing chimney port

view from top showing flame parth from single burner port

placement of 12" x 24" kiln shelf

now that the kids are both gone, I've been able to use the old basketball court

and with my daughter graduated from Northern last month and is getting married on june 25th,
I converted her bedroom into my studio

photo taken thru sliding glass door that leads to a 12x12 deck. just outside is this old Crusader kiln in a small shed.

I think I've got just about everything that I need

Pearl often sleeps on the seat of my wheel, but there's been to much stuff there lately.
Katy said I should include a photo of Pearl just because she is so cute.