If throwing porcelain is considered somewhat delicate and controlled, then stoneware can certainly be called robust and spontaneous. I enjoy the contrast between the two. The 'oatmeal glazed' placesetting and individual pieces shown here are from my Peasantware Series and were all fired in my electric kiln to cone 6 or about 2,100F.

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Peasantware place setting - stoneware, cone 6 oxidation.
dinner plate 10"dia x 1"h plate, bowl 6"dia x 2.5"h, mug 4"dia x 3"h.
$60 per placesetting - 2 sets of 4 are available.

Cream Pitcher and Sugar Bowl - stoneware, cone 6 oxidation.
4" dia, 7"h and 4.5"h. $38 pair.

Coffee Mugs - stoneware, cone 6 oxidation.
4"dia, 6"h and 5"h - $18 each

Herb Jars - stoneware, cone 6 oxidation
4.25"dia and 3"dia - $18 and $16

Two Mixing Bowls - stoneware, cone 6 oxidation
8"dia and 9.5"dia - $45 pair

Salad Bowl and Condiment Jar - stoneware, cone 6 oxidation
11"dia and 3"dia $30 and $16

Sushi Plate and Dipping Bowl
10" x 2.5" and 2" x 2" - $22 set, 3 availble.