Bob here.....

Hey, when Dennis first asked me about doing a monthly series on bike maintenance I said, "Sure!"

But, then I thought ...... Why not get an old road bike and do a complete conversion step by step?

So, the goal of the series will be to explain everything in simple, easy to understand language, enabling a beginning bicycle mechanic to rebuild and convert a geared bicycle into a fixed gear machine. All of the information will draw on my 30+ years of working on bicycles, and my personal experience in converting fifteen different bikes.

I'll try to explain what has worked for me over the years, but others' experiences may differ, of course. I guess I should also say that there is always a certain amount of risk assumed when undertaking projects such as these. Various manufacturers, for liability reasons, probably wouldn't recommend some of the things I'll be explaining. The work you do will be at your own risk! The entire process will take 8-10 chapters to adequately explain, so watch for a new segment each month.

-Bob Schutter (M-189 on the FGG Forum)

Building Your First Fixed Gear Bike

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