Hi all... It's that time of year for another go at ..................
The Twenty-Four Hours of Fixed Gear Gallery.

What it is..... Viewers make a donation and then send in photos and a description of what they each did during a specific 24 hour period and these pages, photos, and stories are all published at Fixed Gear Gallery.

What's allowed..... Any subjects are allowed, creativity and humor is highly encouraged. Photos might be of what was eaten, where you rode, the cute boys she saw....whatever. Make it fun or educational....we'll enjoy it all. Here's the results from 2007 and 2008 which was a Benefit for Curesearch, the Children's Oncology Group, and the National Childhood Cancer Foundation. Curesearch was the organization selected by David and Cindy Grant in memory of their son, Ethan.In our own small way, we hope to make a difference. Let's make this year a whopper to help fight MS!

Who's it for.....The 2009 contest will be a benefit for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Staci Natchigal from Chicago, wife of long-time Gallery Forum participant Wade Natchigal, suffers from this disease. All monies raised will go directly to this organization. And don't forget Sheldon Brown also suffered from MS.....and who here hasn't seen HIS work, so dig out that 'ol camera and get snappin'.

Tuesday Evening:
Wow, thanks to all who donated to MS and for all the great photos. We'll have the totals from Liz at the MS Society on Wednesday afternoon along with the drawing for all the great stuff. In the meantime, I know you're all just dying to see the pics...so here they are. Let me know asap if somehow I missed your email. /dennis

At note from MS...........
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Michigan Chapter would like to sincerely thank you for all the donations collected through Fixed Gear Gallery. The final total is still being calculated, but to date donations are totaling over $1500! Amazing!
The Mission of the National MS Society is to mobilize people and resources to drive research for a cure and to address the challenges of everyone affected by MS. We help each person address the challenges of living with MS through our 50 state network of chapters. We fund more MS research, provide more services to people with MS, offer more professional education and further more advocacy efforts than any other MS organization in the world. The Society is dedicated to achieving a world free of MS.
Liz Sawielski
Development Manager
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Michigan Chapter

David King 2
Kyle Henricksen
Adam Watts 2 3 4 5 6
David Cannon
Sarah Hieke
Kevan Smith
Dennis Bean-Larson
Bob Schutter
Greg Sampson
Benjamin Miller
James Jarzyniecki
Thomas Templeton
Nancy Scott 2
Bill Palladino
Frank Coyne
Steve Lambert 2 3
Chris Hillman
Ernie Majarucon
Larry Augenstein
Nate Saltus
Eric Rosendaul
Ben Coelho-Kostolny
Eric Ambel
Kyle French
David Mahan
Sameer Kawash
Yant Martin-Keyte
Evan Marks
Gary Rossmiller
Jesse Ratzkin
Andrew Rakeman
Carl Magnusson
Jeremy Goertz
Michael Nevin 2 3 4 5
Samuel Slaton
Bern Smith 2 3
Jacob Murray
Lindsay Henderson
Bruce Tjaden
Katy Bean-Larson
Tracy Halasinski

We got Winners .....from Random Drawings.

Sameer Kawash Grand Prize - Complete IRO Bicycle from Tony and Nicole at IRO Cycles.
Eric Rosendaul First Prize - A custom made Camp Knife and Sheath from Wade Natchigal. This is bound to be an heirloom in some lucky winner's family.
Tracy Halasinski Second Prize - Track Wheelset with special run Velocity/Fixed Gear Gallery B-43 rims, black spokes and hubs. From Velocity USA and Fixed Gear Gallery.

Here's how ..... Take (5 to 15) (or a few more) photos from Noon Friday, October 23rd through Noon on Saturday, October 24th and email them to submitbike@fixedgeargallery.com along with a description or story of what you did, what you ate, what you rode, where you went, or ??????

Then tune in ..... On October 27th we'll publish all the submissions along with the winners of that cool swag. Let's get creative and have some fun learning about other's lives around the world.

Do you have a website or a store?
Or a place you can post this for other riders to see and participate?

We need help in publicizing and making this a successful viewer-participation event and here's how you can help.

a) Please copy this image and place it somewhere on your website and link it to this webpage.
b) Download and print this PDF and display it at your workplace or store and anywhere that you think it'll get seen.
c) Participate yourself and encourage your fellow riders to contribute and participate in this fun on-line project.

If you have any questions or if you want to donate any additional prizes contact Dennis Bean-Larson at 231-342-1546 or by email at fixedgearwizard@yahoo.com

Thanks, and I can't wait to see YOUR photos in the 2009 Edition of The Twenty-Four Hours of Fixed Gear Gallery.


Your $20.00 (or more !) payment is being made directly to: National MS Society, Michigan Chapter - liz.sawielski@mig.nmss.org

Liz Sawielski
Development Manager
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Michigan Chapter
21311 Civic Center Drive
Southfield MI 48076-3911
tel +1 248 351 2190 ext. 210
fax +1 248 350 0029