2010 Fixed Gear Symposium

Thanks to all who attended for making another special week in Traverse City
Alleycat Photos.
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Photos from Polo, Shark, and Trackstand.
Chrome Bags Hillclimb
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2009 Fixed Gear Symposium Photos
Over 600 Symposium photos from Bruce and Sam Bodjack.
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Symposium photos by Lost Gears
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August 9-11, 2007
Traverse City, Michigan
Schedules and information is HERE.

Photos from the Symposium:
VelocityUSA AlleyCat thx Mark Nixon
Schwinn Sprint Races
Ben's Bike Polo thx Katy
Brickwheels' Trackstand Contest thx Bruce Bodjack

Short video clips from Dave Buck:
Velocity USA Alleycat
Winning Skid
Evening Ride
Hill Climb Finish
Sprint Crash
Bike Polo

Bill and Emma Duet thx bexcycle

More photos:
Assorted from bny
Photos from Tracy
more from Jon Grinder
more from Kurt
more from Lyndon
Wednesday Off-Road thx Dave

If you have photos on line somewhere, send me a link.

August 10-12, 2006
Traverse City, Michigan
All photos, results, and info are HERE.

Local news story
The print story had a nice shot of Tracy watching Bob adjust the BB.

Here's a short SKID Video from the 2006 Symposium.

August 9-11, 2005
Traverse City, Michigan



... feb 6, 2010
Ok so you can see that we've changed the date. What you can't see is how much fun this is gonna be this year. Note that the Symposium goes through Sunday * 2010.

First off, let me thank all the people who pitch in and help every year. You all know who you are. Thanks.

In 2010 there will be lots of other cycling events (besides the Symp) that same week, kicked off by a Cyclocross Race on August 21st or 22nd which is also the weekend for the Traverse City Wine and Art Festival which will be on our front lawn where the Symp was in 2005 and 2006. That's the week before.

The Symposium check in is on Wednesday, but you're certainly welcome here on Mon-Tuesday, we've got maps of great rides, and well, there's plenty to do. A full Symp schedule will be posted soon.

What Else is there Dennis?

On Friday and Saturday the front lawn here at The Commons will be host to the 2nd Annual Traverse City Microbrew and Music Festival by Porterhouse Productions. Big stage, 100 brewers, etc. Big Time Music Stage and More.

Then also there is the 3rd Cherry-Roubaix Road Race Series with a Downtown Criterium on Saturday afternoon, and their Road Race on Sunday out by SugarLoaf - which is right on our big Sunday Ride

More.....yes. But I can't tell you all of yet. . /dennis fixedgearwizard@yahoo.com

Regstration will open about March 1st, 2010.