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Why I Ride - The Art of Bicycling in New York
May 3 - June 3, 2007

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Opening Reception: Thursday, May 3, 5 to 8pm,
Lower Eastside Girls Club

"Why I Ride" is an independently organized multi-venue exhibition showcasing New York artists working in photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture or installation, who are inspired by the freedom and mobility that the bicycle makes possible in a congested metropolis. These artists view interactions with neighbors and strangers "both friendly and otherwise" as preferable to the isolation that grows out of our sprawling, auto-dependent environment.


Lower Eastside Girls Club (LESGC) 56 E. First St., 212.982.1633

Bicycle Habitat 244 Lafayette St., 212.431.3315

NYC Velo 64 2nd Ave., 212.253.7771

Trackstar 231B Eldridge St., 212.982.2553

Illustrated 64-page catalogue available (by 5/1/07) as a PDF download at www.whyiridenyc.org

Curated by Elizabeth Stuelke and Carol A. Wood.
Film/video curators: Clarence Eckerson, Erica Getler.
Online galleries: www.whyiridenyc.org

This exhibition has been made possible in part by The Puffin Foundation Ltd. and Joshua P. Rechnitz.


Amy Bolger,
Christopher Cardinale,
Doug Dalrymple,
Steve Dennis,
René Fan,
Sarah Hauser,
Will James with FreeWheels & Fred Askew,
Taliah Lempert,
Jessica Levey,
Kathleen Newton,
Sarah Phillips,
Elizabeth Press & Olga M.,
Recycle-A-Bicycle (Tristen Saunders-Hall, Donovan Lynch, Miguel Walle, and the LESGC Girls), Tom Vanderwall, Veloprop (David Neff, Elizabeth Stuelke & Carol A. Wood)


A Prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual Pedaling, Reverend Billy;
Cycletherapy, Carol A. Wood;
Passionate Participation, Elizabeth Stuelke;
Whose Streets? Our Streets!, Rosie Mendez ;
Bicycling Is the City Solution, Paul Steely White ;
No Cyclist Left Behind, Jim Zisfein ;
Connecting For Good, Wendy E. Brawer;
Biking in the Bad Old Days, Charlie McCorkell ;
Family Values: The Benefits of Bike Commuting, Charles Komanoff;
Flying Free, Natalya Brill;
Not Just Kid Stuff, Rich Krollman;
Grand Theft Bicycle, Michele Herman;
Bike Club Advocacy: Forward and Backward, Annaline Dinkelmann;
From Grit to Greenway, Menaka Mohan;
A Path to Brooklyn, Meg Fellerath;
The Bridges of New York: A Panoramic Day Trip, Alfredo Garcia;
30,000 Maniacs? Or, the Five Boro Bike Tour, Natalia Lincoln;
How to Put on Bicycle Events for a Living: A Users Manual, Glen Goldstein;
The Story of Trackstar, Patty Bowman;
Community Release Program: The FreeWheels Bicycle Defense Fund, Gwen Kash;
The Accidental Bike Activist, Matthew Roth;
A View from the Streets, The Time's Up! Video Collective;
Stillness Pursued, Joshua P. Rechnitz;
Taking Flight: My Road to Bike Racing, Reed Rubey;
Up, Down, and Around: The Bear Mountain Classic, Anthony O'Malley;
My Tribe, Bob Nelson;
Biking Is Like Christmas, Nadette Stasa;
Cyclists Are Missing the Real, Authentic New York Experience, Richard Rosenthal;
NYC Bike Advocacy: A Preliminary Timeline, The Editors et al.;