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  IRO Cycles

IRO is Tony Portenza and both are located in Middleburg, Pennsylvania. The goal is to produce simple affordable singlespeed and fixed gear bicycles.
When I checked the IRO website yesterday (07/04/07) it said: "IRO Cycles will be closed until July 9th. We will be catching up on orders."
No big surprise there as IRO has a great reputation for value and service.

IRO produces four different framesets:

Angus - Reynolds 631 tubes, 1" straight blade fork, 120mm hub spacing, 5 sizes - $329.00
Mark V - Chrome-Moly tubes, F/R brake mounts, 1 1/8" straight blade fork, 120mm rear hub spacing, 5 sizes - $249.00
Jamie Roy - 7005 Aluminum, road geometry, F/R brake mounts, 1 1/8" curved blade fork, 130 rear hub spacing, 5 sizes- $279.00
Rob Roy - Steel, Cyclocross geometry, cantilever bosses, fender/rack mounts, 130-135 rear spacing - 5 sizes - $279.00

Each of these framesets are available as a complete bicycle with a variety of IRO components, colors, and sizes. Individual conponents are also available from IRO at great prices.