Decatur Bike Polo has grown a lot since starting last April. It's pretty common now to have 12 or more show up for pickup games. When the mallets drop and you find out your team here are some of the "baddest-ass" players you want on your side of the court.

SPEED! like bottle-rocket lightning on the joust and birds-of-prey on the breakaway. Doug E.

FRESH, Scooter Magruder,

and Kalei "the Flyin' Hawaiian"

SKILL! Southpaw Joe

"WOOSH!" can slice through defenses with surgical precision and supernatural balance.

Wes "the Sniper" can deliver powerful, accurate shots from all over the court.

Any combination of these players as opponents means you're about to get schooled.

But the baddest-ass has to be... POLOCTOPUS MALLETCRUSHER! (think the Kurgan from Highlander meets Cthulhu)
no mallet is safe from his wrath
no other foe inspires such dread
closing in fast on his shining black steed
with fire in his eyes and wheels of blood red!

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