Hey Dennis,
Thanks for being so generous with your time as far as keeping up such a great site. Expect a link and donation from me soon. I thought I'd submit my own (only) rig!
It is a do-it-all custom Indie Rock (61cm C-C seat and 63cm C-C top) that I use mostly for off-road epics (including 100 mile MTB races) and dirt touring as well as my main transportation. Parts include: custom Rick Hunter fork and stem, Ritchey Scuzzy Logic headset, WTB Dirt Drops, Strong G grips, Shimano 105 lever with a DiaCompe 986 canti, Phil hubs (rear is 135mm fixed/fixed) laced 36h 4x to MA3s, WTB Mutanoraptor tire in the front and 47c Conti Top Touring in the rear, 165mm Sugino XD cranks with Time Z clipless platform pedals, Shimano UN73 BB, and a plastic Cinelli Unicanitor saddle (the only saddle I'll ride) on a Kalloy two-bolt post.
I run 36x17 gearing resulting in a ~58" gear which is perfect for a mixture of riding including steep mining tracks, singletrack (both fast and technical), fireroads, pavement passes, scorchin' around town, etc.
Thanks again - Matt Chester - mcti@hotmail.com