I love your site. Lots of really nice fixed gear bikes here.
Anthony Portera - aportera@si.rr.com

This is my Iro Cycle Jamie Roy Fixie. 46 x 17 drive chain. I have to lock this up on the street while at work so I used as much low cost stuff as possible. When I get a chance Iíll send more fixed gear bike pictures in.

This was my first fixed gear bike. It started out as a dumpster find at a LBS. The frame is a GT Rage Road frame. The derailleur hanger was busted off .I filed away at the dropouts a bit to have some room for chain adjustment. I had a set of Campy hubs which I laced to a set of Mavic MA3 rims. Crank is an old Shimano 600 road crank. Handle Bars are a set of aero burs I cut down. It's a light and stiff frame. It was my ride out of the city on the morning of 911.

This is Katieís Bike. She bought it at a yard sale for $20.00. It was a 12 speed clunker . I respaced the rear hub added a cog and replaced the steel rims with some cheep lightweight aluminum rims. New seat tires and fenders and she was on her way. This is her transportation. She rides it everywhere.