BMX in Austin
Ninth Street BMX Park Website

Katy here: I got lost while driving around Austin, when we were there for NAHBS. (I love getting lost! I find a lot of cool places that way.) So, imagine my surprise when I drove across a little bridge, looked over to my right, and there were earthworks next to the sidewalk! Of course, I parked and got out to look.

This vid gives you some idea of the lines.

And Fernando interviews Noodles.

The guys who were working on it that day, told me the park had been in existence about 25 years; that it was totally maintained by volunteers with no real organizing group or club; and that it was a winter destination for BMXers from the north. They said the city had allowed the BMX use because this particular parkland was in a floodplain! It looked to me like everyone was having a good time!

Ride fast and far ...
katy and dennis