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Ahearne Cycles
Joseph Ahearne
Portland, OR

From the Show Catalog: "Ahearne Cycles was founded in a Portland, Oregon garage in 2002. Joseph believes the bicycle is one of the greatest human inventions and handbuilt steel is the embodiment of craftmanship and artistry. His dream is to build practical, pleasurable, and unique machines and accoutrements that express a mixture of aestethics, purpose, and above all - fun.

Ahearne has a solid reputation for buulding bicycles that ride like a dream and are unique. His inventive rack designs and ideas - like the flask holder - remind people that they don't have to be racers to be serious about riding.

Mixing older "tried and true" designs with newer, unique possibilities is what gives his frames their flavor. He believes that life is too short to ride mediocre bicycles.

Because of it's growth, Ahearne Cycles added experience and diversity to Joseph's ideas. Peter, our engineer, produces CAD drawings, miters tubes, and runs the heavy machinery. Mitch is our rack guru, mechanic, retro-geek, 650b wheel supporter, and burrito afficianado. Matt is our very own track start messenger, NJS geek, and closet Yamguchi idolater.

At Ahearne Cycles we're having fun building excllent stuff. We love steel and we loove what we're doing."