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ANT - Alternative Needs Transportation
Mike Flanigan & Betsy Eckel Scola
Holliston, Massachusetts

From the Show Catalog: "ANT is a custom bicycle building shop run by Mike Flanigan and dedicated to building bicycles for transport/cargo/and commuting. The shop hopes to influence people to invest in a commuter-style bicycle of any brand.

Entering the bicycle industy in 1983, Mike started in Boston's bicycle fabrication scene in 1989 at Fat City Cycles in Someville, Mass, the helped start employee-owned Independent Fabrication. Mike opened ANT part time in 2001 and went full-time in 2003.

Mike's work experience in high-volume and high-quality welding and fabrication has given him a unique opportunity to learn what works well. "At both Fat and IF, we did a lot of destructive testing and had the high volume to receive and examine warranty work to best determine how to solve problems with farem and fork failure" Mike says.

Bicycles as transportation have been on Mike's mind since his industry beginnings. Mike's time has finally come to fruition and it can be yours too."

About Mike......

Lindsay Henderson of the Fixed Gear Gallery did a very nive interview/shop tour with Mike back in 2005.
Check it out here.