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Vintage Cycle Studio
Brian Baylis
El Cajon, California

According to Brian, the track bike is the purest form of the bicycle. No arguement here. He says he has a whole slew of them at home, he's been building them and racing on the track "forever" tho he says he's now retired from serious efforts on the track.

No one to mince his words, Brian says in the Show Catalog:
Thank you for your interest in NAHBS. I'm proud to be attending my fourth show and I am celebrating my 35th year in the framebuilding business. As I continue to explore and expand my skills as a framebuilder, I am fascinated by how many ways there are to interpret a frame . I find myself looking for new ways to capture the essence of the craft as I build the bicycle that meets one's needs and personality perfectly. I hope you enjoy my present work.

Brian is known not only for straight talk about frames, but also for terrific paintwork for other builders. At this show Brian won "Best Paint" an award that was voted upon by other exhibitors and members of the press.

About Brian....
Exclusive to The Fixed Gear Gallery by Bill Palladino.

Brian Baylis is one of the legends in American frame building. Heís right up there with Bruce Gordon and Albert Eisentraut. I was astonished to hear the constant reflection of the other builders on Brianís contributions to their work. Heís known for unselfishly sharing his knowledge of the art and craft of building frames with anybody seriously taking on the task. Heís truly a master, well respected for his work. His clear philosophy of building lifetime bikes, in the rich American tradition is part of the foundation upon which NAHBS was founded. This is greatness folks!

Brian: "Iím not here to sell a darn thing. I come here to be with the community of frame builders. The bike is a functional object. Itís not a temporary tool. I make bikes for the long-haul. What Iím working on is the standard for future generations. My legacy is what Iím making bikes for. Itís not for profit."