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Jason Grove, Jason Montelo, Steven Radnoich.
Oakland, California

From the Show Daily:
By far the most counter-culture booth lived up to it's name: No counter, but lots of street culture from Oakland. Meet this East Bay Team with three seriously talented fellas: Jason Grove, welder; and two designers, Jason Montano (designer and 'OG') with Steven Radnoich (designer and painter).

They drove up with a loaded van with their comfy used-couch, black decalled cabinet files, and furniture replete with an Oakland road sign used to hang a bike. Jason Grove, the welder, with his "el Camoino" label bikes, brought more traditional paint jobs, while Steven's bikes (all already sold) showed some radically artistic flair, claiming "we work with some amazing grafitti artists from Oakland, and this is the benefit you see.

They brough a few bikes each, one called the meat wago, a pipe bomb design, bred for tricks or track, you pick - just change out the 26" wheels. If you want to find a place with street cred taste, duck over to Booth 306 - ask them about their studio warehouse. Everything they build is solar-powered.

from our 2007 coverage, here's something about Jason Grove........... ElCamino Cycles
Jason Grove
Emryville, CA

From the Show Catalog:" As with most small builders, El Camino Fab is not about a company, it's about an individual with a passion. Jason Grove's passion for perfection stands out for the crowd. His passion is more than just building and riding bikes, but a passion to express art through perfection in fabrication.

Jason began bicycle fabrication over two decades ago with Control Tech in Seattle. After perfecting his titanium skills with Titus Titaniumin Phoenix, AZ, in the late 1990s, Jason set out on his own way. Much of Jason's artistry in Ti, aluminum, carbon, and steel does not bear his name. There are El Camino frames, but the bulk of Jason's work is for smaller boutique brands seeking assistance from a premier fabricator.

Jason's metalworking skills are nearly matched by his bike skills, be it road, mountain, or his new fixie zeal.

Whether under his label or another, Jason's quality and artisry is expressed in the medium we all love., the handcrafted bicycle."