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Calfee Design
Craig Calfee
La Selva Beach, CA

from the show catalog
One of the pioners of carbon frame building, Craig Calfee got his start in 1987. He invented three different ways of making carbon fibre frames and was the first to offer them in custom geometry.

Calfee has a form-follows-function aestethic taht is shown in the materials selection and construction methods. Inspired by the forms found in nature, Craig has even explored natural materials for framebuilding such as bamboo and hemp. Frame design is governed by purity of purpose and because the frames achieve their purpose, they look good.

The bikes are meant to be ridden at the highest levels of competition as well as for pure enjoyment. Most frames are made to order, even the stock geometry frames. Rider weight and riding style are taken into account. Calfee focuses in particular on frame and fork alignment and long-term structural integrity.

Some customers have logged more than 130,000 miles on their Calfee frames. Calfee takes pride in customer satisfaction for the long term , including offereing a carbon frame repair service and a second life warranty for second (or third) owners.

Calfee Design can build any type of frame imaginable from unicycles to triple tandems (ed: voted Best Tandem - 2008); the framebiilder has also built trikes and electric vehicles. Calfee also produces a one-piece handlebar and stem unit."