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Cicli Polito
Dan Polito
Cleveland, OH

From Dan's website:
The Frames All frames are built by Dan Polito, the sole builder at Cicli Polito; no part of the construction is contracted out.

Depending upon the design of the frame, its intended use, and the subtleties associated with aesthetic preference, frames can be fillet brazed, lugged, or a combination of both. I work with steel, only, for a number of reasons. Among them are: reliability and longevity - a properly designed steel frame will last many decades; ease of repair - in the event of a crash or other damage steel repair is far less complex (and easier to locate in an emergency) than aluminum or carbon fiber; ride quality - steel frames can have a near mythical description (stiff while responsive, springy but compliant, comfortable yet rigid, whatever), but regardless of buzzwords, part of the allure of steel frames lies in the beauty of the ride.

For those concerned with frame weight, steel does not mean heavy. The first thing that needs to be considered is that of the total weight of a complete bicycle the frame is merely a part, not the whole. In the case of a bike weighing 21 lbs/9.5 kgs, a frame weight of 4 lbs/1.8 kgs instead of 5 lbs/2.3 kgs is a fairly nominal difference. That being said, modern ultra-lightweight steel tubing is available, and with this new tubing the weight of steel frames can easily approach that of carbon fiber, should you choose.

I use tubing from Kaisei, Columbus, True Temper, Reynolds and Dedacciai. Tubes for each build are individually selected based on the rider (you), your body, and your desired use of the frame. With the many different options in diameter, butt profile, and wall thickness available, this means constructing a frameset with tubing from different manufacturers. By selecting a custom tubing profile for each frame, you are getting the best possible combination of steel, regardless of brand.

There are situations in which one complete tube set is appropriate, and I will gladly build with them. One possibility is that if you are interested in a truly classic frame and fork, vintage tubesets (Reynolds 531, Columbus SL/SP, Tange Prestige, etc.) and complimentary stamped lugs are available. Please contact to discuss that further.

Every Cicli Polito is sold with a matching fork in mind. The majority of builds, and what I strongly recommend, come with a custom steel fork. If you sincerely prefer a carbon fork, I can build around your preferred model, though I will no doubt discuss the merits of steel forks with you.

Your frame is completely custom, there is no "off the peg." Tubes do not sit around already mitered, waiting for their use, nor are rear ends pre-assembled. From the time I begin work on your frame, yours is the only one I work on; my energy is entirely devoted to your build.

Whether you are interested in a dedicated track iron, a fully-loaded tourer, an elegant city bike, or even a cargo bike with a trailer I tailor your frame to your exact specifications. This includes event specifics as well; pursuit, criterium, snowy east coast cyclocross, alleycat or 1200k brevet, I can build a frame that will excel under pressure (and still be UCI legal).

Cycling is not necessarily about the passion of competition, and I also enjoy building frames that will see a more general use. Based on your cycling habits, I can build an "all-rounder" (to borrow a term from 1950s British cycling) fit specifically to your body, be it commuter, Saturday afternoon rider or Saturday night bar bike.

Custom forks are available on their own for special circumstances. Please, don't drill that Pogliaghi fork for a front brake.