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Co-Motion Cycles
Dwan Shepard
Austin, Texas

From the Show Catalog:

Located in Eugene, Oregon, Co-Motion Cycles has been designing and building handmade road bikes for discriminating riders since 1988. Though Co-Motion is best known for tandems that handle like your favorite road bike, nearly half of Co-Motions orders are for single road bikes.

Co-Motion's driving philosophy is to design and build beautiful bicycles using superb materials at the highest level of craftsmanship, complementing our original and quietly innovate designs.

Exclusive to The Fixed Gear Gallery by Bill Palladino.

Up until walking onto this show floor, the only Co-motion bikes I’d ever seen had been tandems… big audacious things with S&S couplings for take-down and shipping. One friend has one that he and his wife ride in the woods, another pair of friends have one that they race on the road. I’m constantly eating their dust – pisses me off!

So I was surprised to see a couple of nice track and fixed gear bikes in Co-Motion’s stable. Sweet looking things too. They call them “winter” bikes for training. Guess they must have a different sort of winter there than we do in Michigan. Out in Oregon, where Co-Motion is based, there’s a fixed gear section to most road events.

Dwan:"We like to make bicycles that make sense. And, we like to fill niches that are not addressed by big companies. Like anybody here we really love bicycles, and we express that by making the bicycles that we want to ride. We’re driven a lot from what people ask for."