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Pegoretti Cycles
Dario Pegoretti
Caldonazzo, Trento, Italy
US Distributor - Gita Sport, Charlotte, NC

From the Show Catalog:
" Dario Pegoretti began his framebuilding career in the 1970s, working for Gino Milani. Milani's shop created framesets for many of the biggest names in cycling in Italy and specialized in hi-end frames for several manufacturers and custom frames for professional cyclists. Peroretti quickly rose to the top ranks of of the framebuilders working for Milani and became the only person, other than Milani, to know the whole prosess.

During the late 1980s, Pegoretti began working with testing and development for tubing manufacturers, including Excel and Dedacchai, and more recently with Columbus tubing in the development of its new stainless steel XCR tubeset. He also worked with Pinarello during the Miquel Indurain/Banesto days, building bikes for the team.

Before it was mainstream,, Pegoretti began experimenting with lugless TIG-welding for framebuilding and soon became among the first Italian proponents of this technique, allowing for more customization thantraditional lugged construction.

Having built thousands of frames during his career, many for professional cyclists, Dario's expertise in fitting frame to rider is second to none."