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Frances Cycles
Joshua Muir
Santa Cruz, California

form the show catalog:
Joshua Muir follows a long and rich tradition of drawing and building steel bicycle framesets by hand: sprightly road frames, rigid track frames, trucking tour frames, and cycletrucks that ride for decades. Each frame is unique and fit to the rider's body and its intended use.

The attributes of modern materials are maximized through careful design, fitting and assembly. Frances framesets are either lugged or filet-brazed, and most tubes and frame fittings are sourced in the United States. Many fittings are available in stainless steel for unique and elegant finishes, polished or blasted.

Frances cycletrucks follow the lineage of the Belgian keg bike with all the advantages of modern materials and experienced designs. They are efficient, fast, and fun to ride. Designs availablefor the carpenter, the tourist with a dog and the efficient hauler of junk. All roles that Josh loves and aspires to.