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Eric Baar
Colorado Springs, CO

from Eric:
Hello everyone. My name is Eric Baar. I have been making custom bicycles from the ground up for the past nine years. My favorite type of bike to make is a track racing machine. I draw inspiration from when I was a kid hanging out at the local dirt track speedways in the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Iowa. I was really into open wheeled outlaw sprint cars with the 900 horsepower and the big wings and the flashy colors and the phenomenal dynamics and the fascinating engineering behind all of it.

In 2000 I moved to Colorado Springs and was introduced to the velodrome for the first time. I saw sooo many similarities between the sprint cars and the track racing bikes- the shape of the track, the one speed drive train, the rear disc wheel acting as a wing, the drafting and the tactics. The best part was the 900 horsepower came from a humans legs! I was hooked and I haven't looked back.

2008 is going to be a big year for ground up designs. The first thing that will interest you is my new professional website, . I have changed my focus to be a more professional small custom builder. I know that my fabrication skills are top notch so now I am putting more effort into streamlining my ordering processes and customer relationships. It is my goal this year to make it easier for you to purchase one of my masterpieces and for you to really enjoy the process of seeing your project be created from the ground up.

I know my creative nature will always be with me and will continue to make bikes that you or I have never seen before. I always have 10-20 new ideas for new bikes in my head at any given time. I cant even help it... and am not going to fight it but rather bring them to life just to see where they take me... and you.

Dennis: Eric is currently welding tandems for Da Vinci Designs in Denver as well as expanding the scope of his own designs and watching for some special customers for his special frames.