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Hufnagel Cycles
Jordan Hufnagel
Portland, OR

Jordan Hufnagel grew up with tools around the house, his family was in the sheet metal business - heating and ventilating ductwork and equipment. My own father was a metal worker and I know how important it can be to grow up with tools and to have had a father to teach you how to use them.

Jordan hasn't been building frames long, but he's got the knack. Carl and I made a visit to Jordan's shop on Monday after the Handmade Show - and we'll be publishing an interview with Jordan in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime feast your eyes on some of Jordan's work - including the yellow bike. It's a 41cm frame with 650c wheels and it was built for the gal on the left in one of these photos. And besides that, it's the very first frame that Jordan built. You can tell from the big smile that she loves her bike too.

One thing that really impressed me about Jordan...and Portland...Jordan said he owes a lot to the other framebuilders in the Portland area - they were all willing to share their time and experience to help him get started, and despite the great number of builders right in the Portland area, they are all busy. Good karma.