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Independent Fabrication
Matthew Bracken
Somerville, MA

Independent Fabrication is "employee owned" in the truest sense of the word.

from their website: "Independent Fabrication started in 1995 building steel mountain bike frames. Now, in 2006, we can build almost everything, out of almost anything.

Ask yourself: "If I owned a bike company, what kind of frames would I want to build?" Well, we DO own a bike company, and we strive to build the best custom frames in the world, nothing less.

We want to work with the most cutting-edge materials and techniques in existence, and above all, we want to be proud of what we do for a living.

Pride of ownership is our incentive; it gives us the edge over the competition. The proof lies in our attention to detail, craftsmanship, and the quality of the ride."

About Matthew and Independent Fabrication.
Exclusive to The Fixed Gear Gallery by Bill Palladino.

Mathew Bracken – Independent Fabrication

If you’ve been on this site before, you’ve heard about I.F. bikes. People gawk at photos of these bikes and talk about having dreams of owning one. Every bike is unique. Every one seeming to break with the traditions of frame-building. They make all kinds of bikes using various and multiple materials. One of their display bikes looks like it could be billboard painted by Keith Haring. Another has gold trim, that also includes a head badge made from one ounce of solid gold. (Guess they weren’t worried about weight!)

Matt: "I’ve always been a bike junkie as kid. One day I went to a bike shop, they adjusted my derailleur and charged me eight dollars. That eight dollars changed my life… eight dollars buys a lot of pizza or beer! …so I went out and bought a book on mechanics."