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Keith Anderson Cycles
Keith Anderson
Grants Pass, Oregon
(541) 471-4114

from Keith:
NAHBS presents a dual challenge for us - finishing the sudden flood of bikes from custom builders that need to be painted for the show, while making time to focus on Keith's own bikes to display. We are grateful to have worked with many of this year's displayers, and humbly offer a couple of our own fixed gear bikes for your perusal.

The first is a classically styled "century fixie," an homage to vintage English racers. Relaxed geometry and longer chainstays. Richard Sachs' lugs, 1967 Jaguar British Racing Green with red accents. The stem is a custom adjustable by Jeff Lyon.

The pursuit bike was a collaboration with United Bicycle Institute's Ron Sutphin. The bike was drawn-up, mitered and tacked at UBI, then fillet-brazed and painted by Keith. Lots of neat little touches beyond the curved tubes and candy blue paint. BIG thanks to Cane Creek for the sweet wheels and headsets.

Those of you who will be joining us for the 4th Annual Fixed Gear Symposium in August will get to see the bike ust to your left - Made by Keith for Brian Borgman and it's just loaded with Keith's special touches.