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Land Shark
John Slawta
Medford, OR

from the show catalog:
John Slawta's early ambition was to become a professional artist. He received a scholarship from Pasadena School of Art and Design after high school graduation. He enrolled in a community college to take general education courses before moving on to professional art school. It was then that he began to build bicycle frames in his parent's tool shed.

To his surprise, someone wanted to buy one of his custom-built frames and the Land Shark phenomena began. His big break came in 1986 when a group of professional riders ordered frames. The group included Andy Hampsten and the former US Olympic cycling team coach, Roy Nickman. Word spreak about Land Sharks, and soon they were appearing on the international racing circuit. Land Sharks have raced in the Tour de France, and ridden to victory in both the Giro d'Italia and the US Pro Championships. Dennis:
And here it was, Andy Hampsten's actual bike that he rode to his win in Italy. Borrowed from Andy's storage place under a futon back in Colorado, after the show this bike was headed to Taliah Lempert in Brookyln so that she could do a painting of it. To the left, in addition to photos of the bike, are some photos of memorabilia including a postcard from Andy and his original specs scribbled on a scrap of paper.

Google - Andy Hampsten Giro - for lots of info about his Giro win and his legendary stage win across the snowy Gavia Pass. That stage win is widely considered to be one of the most epic race wins in the history of cycling.