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Llewellyn Cucles
Darrell McCulloch
Brisbane, AU

Well, one thing for sure...there's no shortage of double consonants with this builder.

from Darrell's website:
"Llewellyn Custom Bicycles" is a specialist custom bicycle manufacturer providing a service that is neglected and not considered by the bicycle INDUSTRY.

I want to create fine bicycles; the mass bike industry needs to make money.

I have since 1979 worked professionally fulltime with bicycles. I alone create the "Llewellyn" frames, bicycles and products, there are no factory workers or assistants building or servicing my bicycles that I put my name to. Functional, rational designed bicycles with excellent aesthetics reflected in the craftsmanship. I build custom frames and complete bicycles for sport recreation, touring and competition. I also offer professional mechanical and service work.