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Luna Cycles
Margo Conover
Nederland, Colorado

from the show catalog:
I have been making custom bicycles since 1995 - for road racers, touring afficianados, century riders, singletrack sistahs, breast cancer survivors...for all walks of women ranging in age from 11 to 67. My experience as a bike racer , mechanic, shop owner, and framebuilder makes Luna Cycles the ideal choice for women seeking the ultimate in comfort, fit and quality in a custom bicycle.

After seasons of racing bicycles I could never get comfortable on, I studied women's unique needs with regard to bike fit and equipment. There are more myths than truths out there, yet it is clear that women are served better when what makes them unique is acknowledged, respected and conveyed. I love listening to my customers and troubleshooting their needs when designing their bicycles. I am passionate about frame building and respect the integrated, balanced, and dynamic system that is the custom bicycle.