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Naked Bicycle Design
Sam Whittingham
Quadra Island, BC, Canada

From the show catalog:
The bicycle is the most remarkable thing to me. I ride and work with them every day, yet they never sease to amaze me. I love that with a few simple tools I can creat something that will take you around a velodrome in just seconds or around the world at just the right speed.

I have tried just about everything that can be done on a bicycle, buut I am best known as that guy in the Guiness Book of World Records who rides his space capsule at 80mph.

I crave variety in my framebuilding. I do not believe that any type of bike is better than another, they all have their place. The right bike is the one that is right for you. The first Naked frame was built 10 years ago and is still being ridden daily.

Of course, by now, many of you have seen photos of this bike in someone's Flickr site or in coverage by the many publications that reported from the show - in fact, just yesterday I saw photos of it in the US cycling magazine "Velonews" so I guess you could say that every other reporting service in the universe got the scoop on us.

Our choice was to simply conclude our coverage of the 2008 North American Handmade Bicycle Show with the top winner - Naked Bicycles and Sam Whittingham.

There's little chance that Sam undertook this project without the thought of simply creating a bicycle that encompassed some ideas floating around in the back of his head and with the idea of creating a bicycle that was at once unique and way past anything we'd ever seen before - eccentric rear dropouts, integral lock "portal", machete-style handlebars, and on and on. Congratulations Sam! What's next.