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Retrotec and Inglis Cycles
Curtis Inglis
Napa, CA

Ed: The Blue and Black Retrotec to the left was selected Best Track Bike 2008.

From the Show Catalog:

Curtis saws: "It's bio time again .... something I'm not very fond of. I build bikes. I ride bikes. I love bikes. I got my first bike shop job in 1985. I bought my first mountain bike in 1992 - the blue and black Diamondback Apex.. I begged Bob for a job at Retrotec, and he actually said yes, so I moved to Chico, CA in 1993.

I started Inglis Cycles in 1996 when I moved to San Francisco with Jeremy and Jay Sycip. After a few years of focusing on straigh tubed Inglis Bikes, I was drawn back to my first love - Retrotec. Building Retrotec and Inglis bikes side by side seems to be a perfect fit for me."