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Rich Adams Cycles
Rich Adams
Wilkes-Barres, PA

from Rich's website:
I never knew bicycles would become my life's work. As a youngster I would ride dirt bikes like most kids. Later as a young teen I started touring and then road racing. I soon progressed to the mountain bike, like most people in the late 80's and raced a bit. After college I worked in the Semiconductor Industry commuting with my bike and enjoying the northern California cycling mecca. During this period I made a life changing decision and quit my Silicon Valley engineering job for a basic wrench position in the now defunct Start to Finish Bicycles in San Francisco. While financially it was a bit of a shock, I never enjoyed my previous work as much as that first job. Meanwhile I bought some equipment and starting building road frames.

Since then my obsession has been bikes. I love riding them; I enjoy the relaxed casual atmosphere of the bike shop, and I honestly get to do what I love, build frames. Not many people can say they are content with their job or are happy with their careers. While I gave up the comfortable life in a more lucrative field, I haven't once regretted my decision and I continue to look forward and strive to improve each bike I build.