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Roark Cycles
Jim Zellener
Brownsburg, IN

from their website:
"Department of Defense awards Roark with 11 million dollar contract."
"Update: Sciaky VX4 - 138x108x107 Six Axis CNC Electron Beam Weld System ~ Ready to serve your needs."

Their website doesn't say a single thing about bike frames. Clearly they have the equipment and the knowledge to build frames. They certainly have the dough to pay for a booth at this show, what with all those DOD contracts.

So, let's take a look and hear what Jim has to say about all this.

About Jim and about Roark
Exclusive to The Fixed Gear Gallery by Bill Palladino.

Roark differentiated itself on the showroom floor right away. A large promotional photo shows one of their bikes perched on the wing of a B-1 bomber. At first it’s only cute, until you get the connection. Jim’s company makes titanium parts for jet aircraft. The bikes are a business line created to offset the downtimes in the aircraft production season. Their bikes definitely reflect this lineage. They are all titanium and all built for speed. They make no mountain bikes. Road and track are their forte’. One of their bikes was a show-stopper, in titanium and copper. Jim basically challenges you to outlast his frames. They’re designed for generations of riding. “Our idea is our bike will be the last bike you ever buy. For us the most important thing for a rider and a bike is comfort. If they want the best crafted bike in the world, we can do that in titanium.”