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Sadilah Cycles
Chuck Schlesinger
Chula Vista, CA

From Chuck's website:

"Every handmade frameset contains a little bit of the soul of the craftsman who made it. Each tube is cut by a human hand, each miter is delicately filed. Every detail, even those that are never seen is a direct result of the artisan’s passion for building the perfect machine. From inception to the final application of paint, it is a passionate endeavor."

About Chuck Schlesinger & Sadilah Cycles:
Exclusive to The Fixed Gear Gallery by Bill Palladino.

Sadilah bikes contend at both ends of the building extreme. At once they are simple and classic, but look in another direction and you’ll see something using the latest in composite technology. Standing in Chuck’s booth felt like being on a teeter-totter of frame-building style and history.

Chuck:“The whole creative process. Taking an idea and carrying it all the way through to its completed, then being able to ride it.”