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Soulcraft Bikes
Sean Walling
Petaluma, California

From the Show Catalog:

Long before the so-called "Handmade Bicycle Renaissance", I was a wide-eyed kid doing production work at places like Bruce Gordon Cycles and Salsa Cycles. It was at those places that I learned not only about craftmanship, but also what it takes to earn a living building bicycle frames.

Because of this background, I've never approached the bike frame as an art piece. I look at them more as tools that can be beautiful. If a detail or feature on the frame isn't enhancing the strength or ride of the frame, I'm not likely to add it. Because of this approach, Soulcraft frames tend to be pretty basic, designed for the task at hand, no fluff and ....flawless craftsmanship.

From Sean's website:

" I was lucky to learn the craft from some of the best in the business and have strived to uphold and advance the standards that were passed on to me. It's one thing to have a good design but you have to follow through with a precise build to see that design work as intended. I have high standards for every single step of the build. From the selection of tubing, through the machining, welding, and alignment processes, and on to paint, prep and decaling, it's got to be right to bear the Soulcraft name."