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Townsend Cycles
Greg Townsend
Monrovia, CA

From Greg:
"The blue track bike was made using all Kalavinka parts except the rear tracks ends are Paragon stainless. The splayed out chainstays are so it will accept 120mm rear wheels. It was designed with riding at ADT velodrome in mind.

I brought the grass track bike back again (ed: it was at the 2007 NAHBS) but had a special prototype KMC D101 track chain on it. It looks pretty sweet and should be available soon."

From the Show Catalog:
"After 30 years of anticipation, 2006 marked my first year of building frames. While growing up in England, I regularily visited local framebuilders and became fascinated by the bikes that they crafted. When an expected apprenticeship with a London framebuilder fell through, I put the whole notion aside.

With the encouragement and support of my family and friends, I am now designing and building frames and living out a life-long ambition. I primarily build road, track, and cycclocross frames but enjoy working on anything cycling-related. I am also a firm believer that the fork and the stem should be an integral part of each frame design and prefer to design each bike accordingly.

The frames I build reflect a classic look and take advantage of the superior ride achievable with modern steel tubing. Whether the bike is for racing the Three Peaks or just enjoying a weekend coffee shop ride, I strive to make my frames efficient for their intended purpose and admired for their style."