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Villin Cycles
Alexis Dold
Gainesville, Florida

from the show catalog:
Alexis Dold is an average gardener and the father of two. He likes dogs, foosball and good beer but secretly relishes the cheap stuff.

During occasional fits of excess, Alexis has been quoted as saying "Sometimes ya gotta just eat the whole bags of chips." and has learned that "please" and " thank you" go a long ways.

Alexis makes form and function go together like Bill Cosby and Jell-O pudding. When asked about the timeless quality his frames possess, he replied "If a frame's goinna truly be timeless, it has to rock right here and now." And they do, ladies and gentlemen. Believe me. They most certainly do.

Dennis: I asked Alexis about his booth: "Did you just zip over to Home Depot and buy this plywood?" His reply: Hell no, the whole booth is made out of my shipping crate, every single thing was packed inside."

I heard later that Alexis was one of the last to finish packing up from the show, but a pretty handy way to get everything from Gainesville to Portland.

Well also caught Alexis outside the Convention Center getting ready to ride back to his hotel perhaps with a stop-off at Stumptown Coffee?