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Zipsan Cycles
Renold Yip
Fort Collins, CO

Easily overlooked at the Handmade Show because he was scrunched over in one corner (and because I simply don't know everything) was Renold Yip and this terrific entry at this year's Handmade Show.

Not only was it full of nice touches (I especially liked the way the stem fixing bolt is tucked up under the stem instead of sticking out to the rear where my knee could touch it) - and yes, paint by Keith Anderson. Renold knows to pick a stellar painter besides putting together one of my favorites from the show - More on that later.

from Renold's website:
Hi, Renold here.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, China and was into bicycles about age 5. I moved to the USA in early 2002 with my wife and have since focused my work in the bicycle industry.

Some of my background:
Bachelors of Engineering - Bristol, UK.
Serotta Certified Fitting Technician
SICI Advanced Foot/Pedal Interface Professional
UBI Steel Brazing Framebuilding Graduate

Check out my blog at