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Verona, Italy

Zullo has a long history in the framebuilding business, providing framesets for the continental team TVM from 1986-1992 with many wins in the Classics and in the major tours.

Their "Inqubo" model has a replaceble rear dropout that comes in two configurations - vertical, and also rear-facing. While not designed for track spacing in the rear, it is, nonetheless adaptable to either a geared wheel or a single cog I suppose. nInfo on their website seems to indicate that it might be available in both road and track configurations. I never discussed this with them at the show, and only noticed it while flipping through their website.

The blue twin-top tubed "Metro" shows us some style in a single-geared gear bike, just tossing the freewheel and maybe that rear brake produces a pretty righteous bike.

Maybe a trip to Italy next year?
"(Our) workshop positions in the best cycling locatin in the north italy. direction for noth, there is Alps until germany.. west, there is bigest lake in italy Garda-lake. many places for visiting on the lake said. the road of coast is flat and good lake view. Verona city is 20km for east from our workshop. south part is like Toscana that has so many hills and field. so you can find a some nice B&B in this area. the area plesant for cyclelists and many professional cyclists go for training there. ther is beginner's cyclig road too, all alog the river cames from Garda-lake. it was old raylway for Mantova that 40km far from workshop. you are able to see farm and quite piace while pedaling. there are lots of small winery in all the area. if you want break with good quality of wine, you can do it. but carefuly to ristart cycling on the road... if you wanted visit our workshop or this area, we can help for serch some bike tourlist information and able to asistence for your bike to make good condition. we are waiting for your coming at our workshop and shop."

Sounds good to me.