The Framebuilders got to vote in Portland and the Viewers got to vote in Portland, we thought you ought to have the chance to vote too.

So, based on votes collected on-line during the last six days, the viewers selected the following fine bicycles, and we're round to honor Parlee, Townsend, Don Walker and Broakland Cycles with our 2008 awards. Each winner will receive a framed certificate from The Fixed Gear Gallery for their fine work.

Thanks to all who voted - come back here on Monday afternoon to learn who won the voter's prizes. It was a long cold ride this afternoon and I'm off for some pasta and a beer.

a. Bike I'd most like to ride if I actually knew how to race at a velodrome. #9 Parlee Cycles

b. Bike I'd keep in my living room to drool over every day. #16 Townsend Cycles

c. Bike I'd take on a 1st Bike-Date. #7 Don Walker

d. Bike that would look best with rolled-up skinny jeans and a dirty messenger bag. #21 Broakland

Here's how to vote:
Review the choices (click on any image to go to the builder's page).
Write down your choices and scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to enter your choices.

Votes will be tabulated next weekend, and published on Monday, March 17th.

We'll be drawing three names at random from everyone who votes for all four classes and they'll get some pretty cool prizes.
Our software is setup so you can only vote once, so don't try to get fancy bub. BUT, you'll need to correctly identify your IP address in order to collect your prize. We naver make it easy for anyone here at the Gallery.

1. Hufnagel Cycles

2. Zullo Bici

3. Ground Up

4. DeSalvo Cycles

5. The Vanilla Workshop

6. Co-Motion Bicycles

7. Don Walker

8. Luna Cycles

9. Parlee Cycles

10. Independent Fabrication

11. Keith Anderson Cycles

12. DeSalvo Cuctom Cycles

13. Courage Cycles

14. Broakland

15. Calfee Design

16. TownsendCycles

17. Retrotec Bicycles

18. Alternative Needs Ytansportation

19. Yipsan Cycles

20. Don Walker Cycles

21. Broakland

22. Hufnagel Cycles

23. Zullo Bici

24. Villin Cycles

25. Bilenky Cycle Works

26. Proletariat Cycles

55. Villin Cycles

click any image to go to page Q: Where do I put the number of the bike I want to pick?

A: Just type the number into the "other" box.

DON'T click on any otf those 1st two choices, ONLY fill in the number you want to vote for under "OTHER."

27. Brian Baylis

28. Rebolledo Cycles

29. 333Fab

30. Calfee Design

31. Retrotec Cycles

32. Soulcraft Cycles

33. Don Walker Cycles

34. Grognard Cycles

35. Rue Sports

36. Alternative Needs Transportation

37. Sycip Design

38. Ahearne Cycles

39. Sadilah Cycles

40. Broakland

41. Frances Cycles

42. Cloud Nine Cycles

43. Alternative Needs Transportation

44. Don Walker Cycles

45. Landshark Cycles

46. Ground Up Designs

47. Pegoretti Bicycles

48. Rich Adams Cycles

49. Cicli Polito

50. Llewellyn Bicycles

51. Roark Cycles

52. Independent Fabrication

53. Keith Anderson Cycles

54. Naked