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Keep it street level is all about a stripped-down, bare bones, punk rock attitude towards life. And for my life, it's all about riding bikes and traveling fast & light in the mountains. One gear conquers all.

Assessment of Bicycle Gearing - Calculators, etc.
Great Bicycle Tips
From Jim Langley.
Fixed Gear Archives
FG List-Serve

stuff that I can't put anywhere else, stories...you know.

Six Day Racing
Nice site by Arnold at the Thunder Bay Cycling Club in Canada.

Furnace Creek 508
3 FG riders compete in 2004.
Primitive Cycling
From: Dr. Hans Noodleman
Campagnolo Equipped Bikes
Contributor Piero Orlando's bicycle collection.
All about Hetchins bicycles + excellent gallery.
Thanks to Tim Dodge for showing me this article by contributor Mike Kallal.
Subversive Choppers
Gearing Chart
Find Gear-Inches, compare ratios on this big chart.
Fixed gear Folder
de rigeur for business trips
Asheville Newspaper Article
Joel's Story
mtb racing on a fg
Off-Season Training
You'll like it.
Fixed Wheel
UK Ideas on the subject
Brian's Ideas
Learning to ride.
Real Men Get Fixed
Fixed Gear Rules.
Subversive Choppers
advocacy group for Critical Mass arrestees
From: Kit Bland

advocacy group for Critical Mass arrestees
From: mrupfe

From: mrupfe

  fixed gear print magazines, e-zines, movies, and books.

Nice Old Bike Photos
Thanks Joe Abello...
One Speed Revolution
Punk, Music, and Bikes - Thanks to contributor Tim Dodge
New website from the Portland area - Thanks to Michael Rasmussen.
A nice collection of all kinds of interesting bikes.
The Angry Bitter Singlespeed Society
Some FG stuff here too.

not just fixed gear

Serious Trackstanding
Sent in by Bill Miller from Arizona
Sent in by Robin...thanks.
4 Up
Thanks, sent in by Danny.
Sent in by mrupfe
50's Columbia bicycles
Thanks, via the Forum: from "bny" from Chicago.

fixed friendly bike co-ops and do-it-yourself shops

Bicycle Kitchen - Los Angeles
Nominated by mrupfe
Bike Oven - Los Angeles
Nominated by mrupfe

Broke-Spoke Co-op - Traverse City
Nominated by mrupfe

organized or disorganized rides

Sprint Club Virginia
Weekly fixed gear racing in Richmond, VA

places to ride, places to get a fine cup of coffee,

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