Axiom Streamliner Road Rear Rack
MSRP $29.95 USD

Need to fit a rear rack on a bike that doesn't have rack mounts or dropout eyelets? Before Norco dreamed up this simple solution, you'd be out of luck.

And what a simple installation this is:
+ Pull the rear skewer and add the rack.
+ Pull the rear brake caliper, slide off the spacer, and slip the the rack stay into place.
In this case it took only a slight bend on the tab that fits behind the caliper to make it a perfect fit. Time to install? About five minutes - and it'll be less the next time too.

The rear stays are spread wide enough to fit most any mountain, cross, road or track bike with 120mm to 135mm rear hub spacing, I slightly pinched them together for the 130mm wide dropouts on this Pinarello Paris - and I guess if the Streamliner fits on this bike it'll fit on about anything. Look out Tour de France!

Wait, how about your track bike? Well, assuming you have a drilled brake bridge on your frame, it would be a simple matter to drill out the axle holes on this rack to allow your 10mm axle to fit. Now if you've had problems keeping your rear wheel in place already, you might need to add a stainless steel hardware-store "star washer" behind to keep it from moving, but if you're inventive enough to put a rear rack on a fixed frame you ought to be able to figger that out!

The Streamliner Rack is constructed of hollow alloy tubing that's cleanly welded at all the joints and the finish has a very smooth satin bead-blast surface.

Other features:
+ Tapered rack profile to provide better balance when the rack is loaded with panniers.
+ Integrated bungee cord eyelets on both sides.
+ Built-in mini-pump mounts on left side.
+ Large rear taillight mounting plate.
+ Available in silver or black finishes.

Available world-wide. Check for a dealer in your area.

Axiom has a number of very innovative cycling products that we'll be reviewing in the next month including their Paceline DLX Reflex fenders that'll fit through your narrow carbon road fork.

Stay tuned.