Workiture's BagPed
by katy bean-larson

El BagPed ???

YOU: What the hell is that thing?
SHE: It's a chair for your giant bag, she says.


El Bagped, made by an outfit called Workiture, is a wonderful thing. It holds my gi-mongo bag up off the floor, in a position where I can easily get at the things I need to get at. It's stable. And it's attractive when the bag isn't sitting on it.

But what is it? Well, it's a chair-like thing, made of perforated sheet steel, that's been powdercoated. It's heavy and won't get knocked over. The one we have has a small "shelf" underneath it: a fabric sling. The idea is that you can put your iPod or similar device there; or, whatever you want!

El BagPed is not for sissies. It weighs about 17 lbs. It's made of 1/8" cold-rolled steel, and the main part of it has elongated oval perforations. The "shelf" is commercial upholstery grade fabric slung between two steel rods. The rods are attached to the sides of el BagPed with flat head hex screws. The sides have no perforations, and the bottom is finished off with felt non-slip dots. The welds are tidy, and the powdercoat job is excellent. The whole piece is very well done and workmanlike.

I spend hours in our store, and I work from a laptop. Like many folks, I carry lots of stuff in a bag, and each envelope I should have thrown away, music notebook, or powercord, just makes my bag that much heavier. El Bagped holds it all up with ease. And holds it in a place and position where I can actually get at it and use the stuff. It certainly helps make the store look tidier.

Cut to the chase: it costs $199. Is it worth it? We think so, on a couple of fronts: this is not a mass-produced item, and it is an attractive, clutter-busting, piece of real office furniture. Steel is not inexpensive, nor is the kind of attention-to-detail workmanship that goes into it. It's made entirely in Grand Rapids, Michigan ... "THE" home of office furniture (think Steelcase). The neat welds, metal finishing, and good powdercoat job are all the result of skill and care. That takes time. Time is money.

It's a piece of office furniture. It's not a desk, or a chair, or a regular file cabinet. But for many of us, our BAGS take the place of the file cabinet. And the kitchen sink. If you work in a large office environment where lots of your coworkers use messenger bags (even if they ... or you! ... drive a car to work) they are usually on the floor, spilling their contents and generally looking sloppy. Your investment in a BagPed might even catch the eye of your boss and ... who knows ... maybe a promotion or a raise. Or even better, the next time your boss grumbles about your bag, show him this review. So it makes sense to have a little something that makes our bags more accessible, less messy looking, and is attractive on its own.

Amen to that, el BagPed!

PS. Workiture has just introduced a wood version of el BagPed. Maybe you'll read about it here, soon!