First up, the Pasha Women's Hoodie ....

from the Chrome website:
"We wanted a soft, warm hoodie designed just for women that was comfortable to ride in, but could also be worn out to the bar. Made of the best 100% merino wool we could find that we also use on our durable menís Cobra, the Pasha keeps you warm without making you sweaty. Get one and you will wear it every day. MSRP $180

Made of the best 100% merino wool with fleeced merino backing to trap air and provide insulation
High neck collar with three panel merino hood
Hidden front hand warmer pockets and thumb loops
Back cargo pocket with concealed zip
Cut low in the back for riding
Asymmetrical front metal zip
Specially fit for women, sizes run true but order a size down for a snugger fit: XS (0-4 top size), S (4-6 top size), M (6-8 top size), L (10-12 top size)

This is the greatest hoodie I have ever worn ... seriously.

It has a sporty look and I love the way it fits. It's 100% Merino wool reminiscent of old school jerseys but has none of the itchyness usually associated with wool. As a "Sweaty Betty" I appreciate it's lightweight feel which gives me the option of extra layers.

I've worn the Pasha on days that were in the 30's, 40's and in the mid 50's. A couple of Sundays ago I wore it downtown to watch Hollywood shoot a scene on Front Street. THAT was a cold day and though I stayed pretty warm standing around, riding home was a bit nippy and I could have used an extra layer. But just one. Because I am a "Sweaty Betty" I don't need too many layers and that's one of the reasons I love the Pasha so much. It has room for layers (for chics with normal regulated body temps!) but for me, it seems to be enough on it's own. I've worn it out to dinner, the bar, and work, and commuter riding. It's versatile that way.

Thumb loops are always a great feature because they keep the air out when riding on a cooler day. The cool side zipper was one of the first things I noticed and when worn in front of friends, that was what was commented on most.

I've used the hood on a couple of occasions when I was having a bad hair day but still had to leave the house. It stayed up while roaming the aisles of the local grocery store without giving me the unabomber look.

It has 3 hidden pockets (one in the back-it's so hidden someone else actually pointed it out to me) and thumb loops. The zipper is slightly off to the side so I don't have that annoying zipper top right in my chin - plus it looks cool. Besides the back hidden pocket, there are two front pockets with nice ample space for hands, keys, cell phone, etc.

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The length is nice two, it doesn't ride up. The red top-stitching emphasizes the stylish cut of this hoodie and coordinates with the red embroidered Chrome logo near the bottom hem. This is a hoodie I can live, play, and ride in and the sizing runs pretty true.

And now how 'bout the Vanya Women's Knickers? ......

from the Chrome website:
After years of hearing women ask us to make them, we've redesigned our classic shins just for them. Here they are: tough, performance riding knickers fit for women that work from bike to bar. Made in the USA. MSRP $120

Everest 4 way stretch performance fabric
Classic 4 pocket configuration
Mini front pocket
Zip-secured side cargo pocket
Reflective hits on waist
Ultra thin cycling chamois
Sizing runs small: XS (Size 0-2), S (Size 2-4), M (Size 4-6), L (Size 8-10)

Thank goodness for the Vanya Knickers!

Sometimes a girl just wants to throw on something that looks good, feels comfortable and yet is still functional for riding. While the Vanya's are comfortable, they're also envy inducing rad knickers that you don't mind being seen in. As a road and mountain biker, I have lots of padded lycra shorts for my serious rides. It's safe to say there's no comfort in spandex and thick diaper-like padding off the bike and certainly no way in hell I'm going to show up after a ride at my favorite watering hole dressed like that.

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While the Vanya's may not be ideal for hundred mile road rides, they'll work for just about all other kinds of cycling and easily transfer to more social settings off the bike. The Vanya has a very thin chamois so you don't mind-in fact, you love-hanging out in them all day. The material feels tough enough for minor crashes but soft to the touch.

One of the great features on these knicks is the high cut back. They're not so high people mistake you for wearing mom-jeans but high enough people aren't singing to you "I see London I see France". And another feature I really like is the mini cargo pocket attached to the main pocket. Now you can grab that lip balm like a six shooter and keep your ruby lips nourished while enjoying a ride in your favorite pair of Chrome Vanya Knickers.

They really are a great knickers that can be worn all day, whether you're on the bike or not. My only complaint with the Vanya is the sizing. As a size 4 (sometimes 6) I felt a little disheartened when I fit nicely into the Large !!! Just make sure to order a size up or two.

See ya...... Danielle

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