Clemente Guard
"top tube protector"

So what do you use?
A half roll of black electrical tape?
Kashimax Gold?
A red bandana?

I like this idea. A couple of months ago, a viewer emailed me - to say he loved the website, but also to ask if there were any fixed-gear-specific products that needed to be made.

HA! Like I'd tell him even if I knew.

Well, here's one. An inexpensive, nicely finished top tube protector from Carlos Cruz down there in Florida.

Goes on in 30 seconds, just snug up the two zip ties, and snip off the excess and you're done.

Want to swap to another bike? Just buy a bag of white or black zip ties from Home Depot and you can swap this protector on and off 50 bikes in an evening.

Doesn't slide around, doesn't send more U.S. dollars to Japan, and support small business. Only thing might be better if it was made here in Michigan.

Order one for $25 from Carlos here

See 'ya soon.