It's Just Too Nice For Your Garage

FEEDBACK Sports Pro-Elite Workstand
#16020 - includes tote bag - MSRP $284.99
by dennis bean-larson

Whoa Baby....That's what we said when we pulled the Pro-Elite Workstand from the box. This is one very nice stand. Put in in your living room, it just might look better than your furniture.

Ours came with the lightly padded Tote Bag, which you should get even if you're not a big traveler. You won't want to scratch up this stand.

My only workstand is a Park folding stand that Katy got me for my birthday at decade or more ago. That one still works fine, but the folding legs are long gone, and the upper section is now supported by my big shop vice and stand. I'm not ever likely to take that stand further than 50 feet, it takes two guys to move it and it weighs 75#. It's stable that's for sure, but it's simply not portable....and to be never was. Stabilty was non-existent, but in all farirness it is 10 years old and this is 2010 and here is the FEEDBACK stand at 12.8# with a huge main tube that telescopes the main arm height from 42" to a whopping 71". No more bending over.

The folding legs open up to provide a big three-legged base area that's going to be stable inside or out. Both the leg assembly and the telescoping upper tube is locked into place with the huge quick releases. They are easy and fast to use. Swing up the main arm and you're all set. Fifteen seconds is all it takes.

The cleverly designed arm fits your tubes quickly, securely, and pretty gently too. The red pads are soft but not too soft. Pushing the top button releases the spring-loaded clamp and provides for fast easy release too.

Hold your bike up, and push to ratcheting arm closed, and snug it up with the three-handled knob. I could easily snug this up without any danger to the thin top tube on this fillet brazed fixed gear frame from Rich Adams. In many situations you might want to clamp to your seat tube, but the Feedback's fine adjust knob is a lot gentler that a typical Park-type stand.

Smaller mechanics will like the fact that they can clamp the bike up with the main tube all the way down and then easily raise the whole upper unit and secure in place with the big upper quick-release. Really easy to use,,,and did I say that this stand is a beautiful thing? Well, you can see that, right?

There must be a complaint somewhere...Bill says it's not stable enough for his Xtra-Cycle when the rack is at it's highest. Well, yeah I could see that happening. C'mon, Bill should be hooking that Xtra-Cycle up to a telephone pole anyway.

The optional Flop-Stop ($15.99) is something that I've always wanted, but never bought. It works just great and makes working on your bike one heck of a lot easier. Recommended.

Going on a road trip to a polo match or an alleycat? Take the Feedback stand along. Keep your bike clean? Then maybe you'll be working on your bike in the living room. It'll be just right if you're using the Feedbak Workstand.

In addition to the Pro Elite at $285, Feedback also makes other models as well. Feedback is also the US Distributor for Squirt lube, our in-house favorite for the last two years. Thanks guys for two great products.