Big Bombers

Fyxation's Urban Skins
Dual Compound - $49.00
by dennis bean-larson

These are not your typical wimpy kevlar-bead sissy-boy road-race tires.

No Sir, these are urban/assault concrete/jungle cars/suck tires for running through potholes over curbs through the rain and outrun the cops city tires. They aren't light. They will suck up the bumps.

And they did. 100 feet out the door and I'm off onto the grass passing two girls on the sidewalk and I hook the front on the edge of the sidewalk and launch myself over the bars onto the sidewalk. Good thing they were going to other way. "Geez, are you ok?" they ask as I hop to my feet and check to see if the camera in my pocket still works. My pride has taken a beating but the tires, grips, and my collarbone are all fine and that's cool.

Back to the review.....Fyxation says they are 28mm wide but they look bigger and they ride bigger, like like like, get the hell offa my street bigger. And we like that.

Skid? These dual compound tires look tike they can take it. Kevlar in bike tires usually means they're light weight. Kevlar in Fyxation tires means body armour. Skid with comfort.

Fyxation Track Grips at $12.95

Fyxation says: Behold our latest creation. The Fyxation Track Grip / Same aggressive diamond tread pattern as the Session 700 / Soft rubber design for the ultimate in comfort / Diamond tread pattern for superior control / Available in black, white, orange, green and pink.

We like 'em because they match and we can hang on to 'em as well.

Ben at Fyxation has some pretty nice sadlles in addition to tires with crush and color. Check 'em out at Fyxation