Designed, developed, and manufactured by Scott Hansen from Cape Cod, Mass. as a solution to the troublesome stripping of off-road fixed gear hubs - we already can tell they are gorgeous to look at, but are Level hubs as equally practical for fixed gear bikes for the road?

The unique cog attachment utilizes a proprietary cog that bolts to either side of the hub with three Torx screws. Just one of the features that makes these hubs unique is the "INI" cog that interlocks with the hub through their "Eye2knuckle" interface creating certainly one of the strongest possible ways to fasten cog to hub.

Other features include
..... An asymmetric cog - "flip it over and it changes the chainline from from the minimum (44.2mm) to a theoretical max (51.30)."
..... A unique spacer system that allows you to easily convert your hub spacing from 120mm to 126mm to 135mm.
..... Hollow front axle for quick release - remember the mtb roots that these hubs come from - roof racks, flats, and all. (sharp eyes may recognize that front skewer as an FRM from Italy: bar-none the nicest aftermarket skewer I've ever laid eyes and hands to)
..... True user service-ability - while generally any bearing replacement should be done by a skilled mechanic with a stationary shop press, Scott tells me that the axle and bearings can be removed and pressed back in (the trickier part) by using the cog and turning, first one screw, then the next, till the bearing is fully seated against it's shoulder inside the hub.

So, here we go, these hubs were built up with silver Velocity Aerohead rims, straight gauge spokes, and then tested and ridden by about as diverse a group of riders as we could find, read what these three think about Level hubs and drool over the beautiful fit and finish of these hubs.

John Robert Williams' Review
Commercial photographer - Traverse City, Michigan

Bob Schutter's Review
Tinkerer, kart racer, and Keebler-man - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Eric Ambel's Review
Guitarist and record producer - NYC

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