Bagaboo "Workhorse" Messenger Bag

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from the Bagaboo website: "Tamas: When I was designing the workhorse model, I was thinking of putting every possible option into one messenger bag that I’ve ever seen, experienced or dreamed of - this is how this bag was born. Designed for hard, every-day messenger work, an undestructible messenger bag, filled with a lot of options, pockets, features."

Review by Devin Dante

Alrighty, this is my review for the bagaboo magoo messenger bag thingy. Ha. To begin I will get the only complaint I have with the bag off my chest so the rest of this will be all good. That problem is this, The accessories on the strap are located in a spot where for me is quite annoying. Its cluttered right next to my face and I hate that! Looking left has never been so irritating!

But all is good folks! I just noticed that these accessories are in fact accessories and are easily movable to another more convenient and comfortable spot on the strap. Very nice feature! Therefore after coming to this epiphany I take back any complaint and furthermore, it is an exact opposite of a complaint now! Hee haw! Right? Yes.

This bag is but only a bag, at first sight, then you apply the use of such a vessel and you find that life sucked before owning this thing! Amongst its relatives in the world of bags, this bags creator (Tamas) has done a magnificent job producing a truly multi functional life vessel that has indefinitely made my life better, and for that I am grateful.

After reading this introduction to my acclaimed review you must not have any reason to not want what I have. Got it? Good!

Just by looking at the bag you can easily observe from a healthy relativity that this is a bombproof like vessel. The outer most dermis of=2 0the bag is constructed out of a nylon/ canvas like material which is very durable "It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’ " fore say, the interior layer of fabric appears to be a hardened polyester/ rubber like surface suggesting that the intent is for both durability as well as an attempt to make the bag waterproof/ resistant. All seams are double stitched adding to the overall solidness of the structure of the bag itself.

from the Bagaboo website:
Outer layer:
Cordura® - the classic, tough bag material. Quite comfortable to wear, UV and tear resistant, water repellent, impregnated. We have a lot of colours available.
Inner layer:
In order to be totally waterproof, the inner layer of our messenger bags is made out of truck tarpaulin. This is a 100% waterproof material.

Hey, two’s better than one, am I right? The answer is "yes" I'm right, thank you very much.
Haha ok moving on- There are more convenient features included on this bag than I even know what to do with!

I'll start with the cargo pockets: There are 7 total utility pockets to chose from when organizing your belongings. There are 3 pockets on the face of the bag, one smaller zip up pocket on the shoulder strap, and 3 interior pockets in addition to the central luggage cavity.

The 3 pockets on the face of the bag include one fairly rugged horizontal zipping pocket stacked on top of a Velcro- closed crevice of the same volume, opening directly above the zipping pocket. The last pocket on the face of the bag is a big kahuna in relation to its predecessors, This pocket is fully closeable by way of Velcro again, and also features an "accordion-like" design meaning it can project from the bag to compensate for what ever the contents=2 0be, but if left empty the design allows for the pocket to collapse upon itself. Another feature of this pocket is the application of accessory pockets and slits inside the pocket for pens/ pencils, magic wands, etc.

Moving inside now I will address the 3 inner pockets. There is one main wall pocket that closes by way of velcro again, closely joined on both side by two open pockets for additional storage capability. The very last pocket I almost forgot on the bag is the Shoulder strap accessory pocket, about 4"x6"x2" so you can keep your phone or ipod, close to your ears, which is a convenience when riding your bike.

I will also note (in general) The Velcro on this bag is heavy duty stuff! Especially on the main top flap, there are three big pieces to ensure your belongings stay secure inside the baggy.

Moving on to other dynamics of the bag. The main shoulder strap is made of what looks like the same material used with car seatbelts, meaning they are very strong & safe straps!!! The upper portion of the main strap that rests on your shoulder is fixed up with ¾ inch sturdy padding for comfort. The straps on this bag are convenient in the manner that they give you some option as to how you prefer to wear the bag, there’s the conational use of the shoulder strap to be a messenger bag, but also there are two accessory straps fore say that allow you to secure the bag more comfortably on your back.

Dennis: After wearing and reviewing messenger bags extensively for the last three years, and often being torn between the single strap's simplicity and the backpack style's load capacity, this convertible strap system might deserve a closer look for many of you. However, it seems to me that the optional strap would work best on larger bags. On this bag, there's just an awful lot of hardware up front. Of course, even on the simpliest bags he makes, Tamas has packed in the features, but there's no question that there's more chest room on a 200# guy than on Devin.

I'm drawing a blank on how to describe what those options to wear the bag are, but just know that it’s a more favorable feature in regards to all the other features conveniences present. I also really like the design used for tightening and loosening the strap, its quick and easy! Just pull one loop to make it tight around your body frame, and simply pull the opposite strap to make loose. Very nice I must say!

The last thing I can observe about the construction of this messenger bag is the addition of padding for comfort on the side of the bag that comes into contact with your back, its roughly ¾ Inch black padding covering the entire back of the bag. This also adds to the overall structure or shape of the bag. Helps the aesthetics in my opinion.

FINAL THOUGHTS/ LAST WORDS//// First hand experience////////////
To start with the end, I will rate this bag a 8.5 outta 10. It loses the last 1.5 for two reasons that are just personal opinions which essentially mean nothing to you, but Im the one reviewing the bag so motivational criticisms are a luxury I am able to take of advantage of. Okay so, those two reasons are of the following, for one, I wish the bag was a little more "flashy" meaning I need more color, maybe some more creativity in that manner,

Dennis: Of course, if Erin was reviewing this bag he's be all over the two-tone grey since Erin has 23 shirts and every single one is black, or grey, or charcoal...or pewter. Take your pick and have Tamas make one in your colors. Or I'll bet you might just find one on the Urban Hunter site.

I'm Devin and I'm a bright person ha.

Second criticism, Im the kind of person who really appreciates having more features on an item than I know what to do with, I guess more technical and complex, that way im always finding new uses for my stuff. And for the most part this is a fairly simple vessel in those respects. I’d have to say though that I have been using this bag more than any other of my bags for the past month or so, exclusively for use within my bicycle commuting items, I can legitimately tell you bagaboo participated in my contentuality and happiness meaning this simply put; THIS BAG MADE MY LIFE BETTER!

Further more, I highly recommend you consider bagaboo when purchasing your next bag, if not this specific one, then just look around their gallery, I expect more great items from this maker. Thanks for reading my review, Ride or die, long live the pathway, peace out!

-Devin W. Dante
Dennis' note: Devin works Friday's in our Traverse City store, just moved back here from Park City where I hear he was often mistaken for Shawn White ... both on and off the board.