Mission Workshop's New Vandal Messenger Backpack

The first thing you'll say when you pull the Vandal from the box is:

"Wow, this bag is different."
"Fabric is different - slick."
flipping it over........
"Boy, this thing is really sewn well, geez."

The amazement continues when you explore the three zippered and flapped pockets:

"Holy smokes (insert your expletive) these pockets go on forever."
"And what's this zipper do?"

How many messenger bags are there out there anyway?

Hundreds I suppose, seems like everyone is making a single shoulder bag and maybe a backpack style. And lots and lots of them are superb bags as you know.

But every once in a while, in bikes, in cars, in computers...... something comes along that's just a bit different. Something maybe that's SO Different that you just gotta step back and say "Whoa" ........ these folks have done their homework........... And that's the Vandal from Mission Workshop.

Here's some shots and slideshow of Nate takin' a trip around town with some outrageous packages.

three deep front zip pockets ..........

a unique center zip section

and a main pocket that'll swallow up an alligator

Backpack Style - adjustable shoulder straps, sternum strap, waist strap.
Two Front zippered pockets with fold-over flaps.
Zippered mail compartment with inner flap.
One deep main compartment with independent flap.
Available in three colors, one size. MSRP $225


Ok, so there's gotta be some complaint, something we didn't like about the Vandal .... right? Well, it's impossible to fault the construction, colors, design, fit, balance, ability to fit a variety of body sizes, all that is spot on. Really faultless. The only thing we missed a bit was the "Big Bag Theory" - the big open bag single shoulder thing where you can just throw it on the floor, spread open the top and see everything, and russtle around inside and then push more in.

Can't do that with this bag .... but then this is a different kind of transport system.

Compartmentalize and Organize with this bag.
Apparently haul just about anything with this bag. You see their great video where the guy hauls a complete bike? Can't do that with a single shoulder bag that's for sure.

So we're at that same old equipment crossroads that usually get's answered by N+1 as in how many messenger bags should I have anyway? Well, the answer is often something small, something big, and something different. The Vandal could easily be that DIFFERENT bag ..... with it's superb shoulder strap system and waist belt you could haul just about anything imaginable. How about a full concrete block? I'll bet you could.

So now that you've taken a tour of Traverse City with the Mission Workshop Vandal......
How about a tour of Mission Workshop's workshop?

questions? dennis fixedgearwizard@yahoo.com