Soma Noah's Arc Handlebar
by Dennis Bean-Larson

Soma Fab makes 8 different handlebars including some patterns not available anywhere else.

They sent along a Noah's Arc bar late last fall and it's been on and off a number of bikes around here (with both Pedro's Dice or Oury grips), and in each case it has lent that bike a totally different appearance and .....naturally, a very different set of handling characteristics.

That first bike is a seventies 59cm Fuji, red frame is a 57cm Soma Rush, and the last a 62cm IRO Angus.

We cut about a half-inch off each end, a half-inch is be a bit careful when trimming flat bars. The old carpenter's adage of "I cut it three times, and it's still too short." can certainly apply here. We didn't really cut them too short, but just you be careful that you don't.

Will you like flat bars?

Will you like these?

It depends.

Take a look at the photos below, I tried to put a mark where your hands would naturally go, and you can see how these bars affect the "cockpit" length of the same bike. The Noah's Arc bars are on a 13cm stem and the drop bars are on a 100mm stem. There is still a good 2" of difference in hand position.

Use the Noah's Arc bars to make a "too long" frame fit better, but if you are going to drop these bars on your present bike that has drop bars ...then you'll need to get a longer 26.0 stem.... longer still if you've got pursuit bars....even if you want the bike to have a more upright position.

Order here or many of your local bike shops.

Ride safe and far!