Soma Everwear 5mm and Soma Super Everwear 23mm
by nate revard

I'm a guy who has gone through countless tires all summer long, and with the search for a tire that can take the beating of constant skidding from in town riding, and bombing hills all over has been a bit of a pain. So Dennis hooked me up to do a product review on the Soma Everwear and Super Everwear and I was really excited to see what these tires can really deal with.

I can honestly say after going 35 plus down Wayne Hill in Traverse City multiple times in one ride, and then riding countless miles, skidding and sliding all over the place that these tires have what it takes. They are smooth to haul around town on, can take a beating, and not to mention they look pretty cool. As I said earlier, tires don’t usually stick around for me, and I constantly left frowning, but every time I skid and ride around I can feel good knowing that the Soma Everwears won’t be showing the wear indicator any time soon, letting me ride in peace.

All in all, I recommend these tires for anyone, but especially the people who love cranking around town, and need that tire that can handle the constant skid.

Check back here in a couple months and find out if I was able to wear these tires out before the first snow!

Nate Revard

Specs from Soma
Everwear 5mm Tires For those who insist on a fast narrow tire, but who can't stand how race tires wear out so quickly. Everwear offers double- maybe triple- the mileage of racing rubber.
Now available in Aramid bead for the weight conscious (300g)

• Extra thick long lasting carbon rubber tread
• Round profile for predictable handling
• Black wall
• Steel bead or folding bead (folding bead is only available in plain black and in narrower sizes)
• Colors: For 2011, these come is solid colors: black, white, pink, red, blue or yellow (no more striped versions)
• Made in Japan by Panaracer
• 700 x 23, 26c, 28c and 32c(110psi)
• 26" versions available in limited quantities

Super Everwear 5mm Tires
The Super Everwear takes that long lasting 5mm high carbon rubber tread of the original Everwear and slaps it to the most bullet-proof casing we could find.

• Significantly stiffened sidewalls
• 10x the sidewall and tread puncture resistance of other road tires
• Extra thick long lasting carbon rubber tread
• Round profile for predictable handling
• Black wall
• Steel bead only
• Colors: all black, or with white stripes
• Made in Japan by Panaracer
• 23c, 26c, or 28c(110psi)